Pink's Window Services in Austin Tx
An attention-grabbing marketing video campaign ad for a company who takes pride in the work they do.

The owners of Pink’s wanted an ad that stood out. They wnted an ad that told the unique story of their company that was set apart from the rest. The owner's charisma and unique personality that was responsible for the buisnes' strong brand presence also made them the perfect candidates to use in the d its self.

We decided to pitch a one-shot ad to tell the story of the company, with lots of things to watch and keep engaged with as you watch through. This was the perfect opportunity to showcase the personality of the franchise, so we wrote the script around a single walkthrough of a room. The script was a collaborative effort between us and the owners.

The location was chosen because of its slightly 50s athstetic and large, open windows, along with the excellent natural lighting. We used minimal extra lighting modification as we intentionally chose a time when the wondow light would be most soft. As you can see below, we kept the crew pretty light, using only a few people.


One of the biggest pain points of the plan was a tight budget. To accommodate for this, we chose a location and time where we wouldn't need a lot of extra lighting.

There were a lot of moving parts to this project so it was important that every part of the script was maticliously planned out ahead of time. This shoot was an excellent feat of teamwork and innovation between us and the client.

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