A CEO Keynote Speaker Live Conference Video Intro

Resicon is an annual event where they bring in their inverters for one big conference with keynote speakers like Steven Montgomery and John Maxwell. Resibrands CEO Steven wanted a hype speaker intro video that also highlighted the biggest accomplishments of the company so far, and symbolizes where they are going.

The conference had a ‘space’ theme, but had a fun atmosphere to it. So we decided to craft some visuals for the project that had to do with space, and where they were headed as a company: “TO THE MOON!”

Below are some fun facts and BTS of the shoot, and more info on how we made our visuals.


The visuals were made in a studio at Resi HQ. We decided to build out a very heavily backlit envidoment to build in the Si-Fi theme of the video. To soften out the harshness on the backlight, we used a pro mist filter on a Sony G-Master lens, which gave it an airy feel but still retaining the drama of the quasar backlights.

The fog was made using dry ice and water, adding to the SiFi theme of the video. Atitionally, it gave an atmosphere that helped soften out the light.

Audio was pulled from previous clips of Steven speaking on his podcast and other live events, and the music was liscensed from Artist.

All of the visuals were captured with a Sonya7siii in Slog and graded in DaVinci Resolve in post.
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