Garage Up!

Website hero video / ceo message
Garage Up of Austin
A compelling, high-quality video showcasing the services and company values of a U.S.-wide home service franchise.
The home service franchise wanted to be able to showcase their values as a company, as well as the amazing services that they provide right on the font of their homepage. We build a CEO message video that shows off their company by directly addressing the camera and using visual b-roll and motion graphics.

Because of the historic significance, cleanliness, and abundance of amenities, we decided to film in of the first garages the company ever renovated. It had the company logo inlayed on the floor which made it the perfect place. The location felt 'used' but not dirty. It was the perfect showcase for how we want a Garage Up garage to be: an extension of the home.

We used a teleprompter to record and the script was written to directly address people who were first-time visitors to the site. All of the b-roll was shot prior to the main speaker shot of the video.


It was a challenging environment to shoot but we came prepared with plenty of extra lighting and video gear. On this shoot, we combated the harsh backlight of the window with four separate Quazars on different sides of the talent.

The most fun part of shooting this video was all of the locations shoots for different jobs. The workers were very friendly and easy to work with. They were experts at their craft and it was very impressive to see how fast they worked.

The entire commercial was entirely shot on Sony cameras, mostly a7siii with a 24-70 GMaster.

One of the biggest challenges actually happened after we filmed and we discovered in the edit that there had been a layer of film had developed over the teleprompter glass on a previous shoot that had severely degraded the amount of contrast in the capture and also bloomed the backlit window much more than we originally anticipated. It took several techniques in the grade to save the image and get it to a quality that looked great.

Below is what the color grading process looked like.
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