Family First

Hellen F. with Keller Williams
A high-quality interview style video for an Austin realitor telling her story and the advantage of both her realty, and interior design skills.
Hellen had an amazing story to tell about family and values in the reality marketplace. She wanted to show how personable he was, as well as showcase her unique set of skills. We decided to set up an interview-style video that was actually fully scripted. Hellen has a very unique set of skills which was interior design as well as reality, which gave her a huge advantage because she was very good at staging homes.

These unique advantages were definitely something we wanted to showcase in the video, so we ended needed to choose a location that was suitable for this. We ended up being able to use one of the houses that she had recently styled to sell. Even though she had already sold the house, the new homeowners where gracious enough to let us use the house to film before everything was packed up.

We used two Sony cameras for they interview shoot, along with a few Quazar lights and and flags to light the talent. All interior design B-roll scenes were lit with a single Quasar and exterior shots were naturaly lit. 

Commercial Interview-style video BTS

For this shoot, we were pretty limited on what we could move around, so we had to work with our surroundings and what was already there. Having huge windows throughout the house made lighting each scene a lot easier. 

We had a unique setup for audio: We used a typical rode NTG3 shotgun running into a UA Apollo interface for really high-quality audio.

Despite the challenges of not being able to move much around, we were able to run with a. Really light crew and grab everything we needed relatively easy.

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